FILIP S. Available
Senior Android Developer
Android Studio
Dagger 2
Languages: English
Available from:
Experience: 6 years

Hi, I am Filip and I am a Senior Android developer. I have been working in the IT industry as a developer of more than 20 Android native projects for 6 years. 

I have a strong knowledge of Java and Android SDK and excellent understanding of mobile system architecture. I am experienced in working with Build and Continuous Delivery Tools, such as Gradle, Maven and Jenkins and have broad experience in coverage of security issues and data vulnerabilities.

My open-minded attitude and interest in the IT trends combined with excellent communications skills characterize me as a good individual and team player. 

For any questions feel free to reach out.



Senior Android Developer


Jan 2016 – Aug 2017 


  • Maintenance on the Payconiq application
  • Core development on the new version of the app and new functionalities
  • Working and improving security
  • Libraries Used: Dagger2, ButterKnife, EventBus, Retrofit2, OkHttp3, RxJava, Picasso, Facebook Api, Google Apis, JaCoCo
  • Automated test frameworks and tools: JUnit, Espresso, IU Automator, Spoon, Mockito, Robolectric, Hamcrest
  • Authentication and Authorization standards: OAuth 2.0, Two Factor Authentication, SRP, JWT
  • Databases: Realm
  • Tools: Jenkins Continuous integration, LeakCanary, Crashlytics, Jira, Sonar

Android Team Lead and Developer


May 2015 - Dec 2015


  • Implementation of chat functionalities
  • Implementation of services for group video and audio calls
  •  Implementation of separate library for the chat and the calls
  • Libraries: WebRTC(libjingle), Node.js ( and, SignalR, Retrofit, OkHttp, Universal Image Loader
  • Web Tools: Team Foundation Server

Android Team Lead and Developer


Dec 2013 - May 2015


  • Core Development on new applications and features
  • Maintenance on the existing applications
  • Libraries Used: PayPal, Centili, Custom system for http caching, Universal Image Loader, Mopub, Flurry Analytics, Google Analytics, Gson, weather forecast api, RadaeePDF
  • Tools: JIRA, git(bitbucket), Fidler 2.0
  • Authentication and Authorization standards: OTP
  • Databases: SQLite

Android Developer


Jun 2012 – Dec 2013


  • Developing native Android application
  • Working on PHP backend services and server database
  • Libraries Used: Google Maps Api, Epson SDK, Universal Image Loader, LruCache
  • Databases: SQLite, MySQL
  • Programming Languages: Java, PHP

Bachelor of Software Engineering (BS)

Computer Software Engineering

Faculty of Computer Science And Engineering
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje 

October 2010 – June 2013


  • Programming with Objective-c for iPhone application
  • Completed advanced course for development on iOS application
  • Participation in training "Time Management"
  • Participation in training "Development on Android mobile

Project Name: Payconiq

Role: Senior Android Developer

  • Payconiq application provides security payment mobile solution features like peer-2-peer and direct payments to merchants, also it includes deep integration with loyalty solutions that gives another dimension of payments.

Project Name: Solaborate

Role: Android Team Lead and Developer

  • Social networking application dedicated to technology professionals. It enables tech professionals and companies to connect, collaborate, and create an ecosystem around products and services. They can also access knowledge, search and apply for jobs and opportunities, provide commentary, write blogs, chat, have video and audio

Project Name: SmartBiz

Role: Android Team Lead and Developer

  • Lock screen application with "Peek functionality" - using the swipe feature you can quickly peek into some application from SmartBiz without exiting the locker. SmartBiz provides a lot of features like daily weather forecast, calendar events for a whole week with a weekly average forecast, shortcuts to caller, web browser, messages, search tool, and management on the app.

Project Name: E-reader & IQRAA

Role: Android Team Lead and Developer

  • Reader applications for e-books in ePub and pdf format. All the content of the application is encrypted and it’s decrypting in real time. The applications have a lot of features like the users can buy books, read, bookmark, go to bookmarks, and go to the chapter, read in (RTL) Arabic way, bookmark, go to a bookmark.

Project Name: Socio Mall, Condor Store, and Djezzy Store

Role: Android Team Lead and Developer

  • Three store application where the clients can register (with an option for OTP registration), login, edit their profile. After login, they can buy or free download applications or books. The mall shows notifications for updates of the downloaded applications and it can be used to manage the downloaded applications, install, uninstall or update. The application also includes a caching feature for working offline.


Project Name: RestoMaster

Role: Android Developer


  • Android restaurant launcher application that works in 3 separate layers. The first layer is for the clients. They can check the menu and recommendations, make orders, call the waiter or ask for the bill. The second layer is for waiters, they can change orders, receive calls, print bills, or add and remove tables. The third is the manager (admin) layer. Those with access to this layer can customize the whole application interface (language, backgrounds, orientation, used colors, text, and titles etc.) for different restaurants or to make functional updates(manage the waiter roles, change prices and currency, set printer settings etc)

Project Name: Radio MOF

Role: Android Developer


  • Android application for streaming radio. Contains weekly programs and news. The application shows Facebook and Twitter posts.

Project Name: Skopje City Guide

Role: Android Developer


  • A tourist guide android application that contains a lot of information and pictures about cultural and tourist places in Skopje. Each user of the app can give a rating for the visited places so that he provides a good recommendation for the other users. Skopje City Guide includes tour planner that helps the users to make a visiting agenda with a time schedule.
    Task: Development on Android Application and Back-end system

Project Name: Vidi Prijavi Popravi i.e SeeClickFix

Role: Android Developer

  • UNDP project that provides public service that aims to make everyone able to improve its surroundings by detecting real problems and sending them to the competent people. This service includes sending problems as mail including location, picture, type of the problem and some optional description.
    Task: Development on Android Application and Back-end system

Project Name: Taksirat

Role: Android Developer

Project Name: iLearn

Role: Android Developer

  • Android application for remote learning. It contains a lot of lessons, divided by chapters that are filled with a lot of media materials. Ending a chapter means opening the test for that chapter, upon passing, the user is able to open the next chapter. The application content can be easily updated.

Project Name: Sportuvaj

Role: Android Developer

  • Android application that shows a list of playgrounds. Playgrounds are sorted by the current distance from the user’s location, and a user can see the details of the playground or see it on a map.

Project Name: MSD Winners 

Role: Android Developer

  • Company application to manage employees and follow their progress. Each employee can rate other employees in a lower position. The idea is that every employee with a rising rate at the end of a period gets improved title and rank in the company.

Project Name: SalonNet

Role: Android Developer

  • Application for hair salons where the user has options to select a location, salons that are available for the selected location, service that the salon provides and finally date and time for the appointment. 

Project Name: Indian Property Show

Role: Android Developer

  • An application that presents the Indian Property Show that is an acclaimed event showcasing Indian Properties to NRIs across the globe. The application provides dates and locations of the shows. Also, the application shows more details about the events such as detailed info for each show, getting their directions, list of free seminars, parking facilities, FAQs, some articles related to the show etc.

Project Name: ToloKaffe

Role: Android Developer

  • An application that works as an intermediary between the customers and cafeterias. Offering different types of subscription with options for renewing, customers can easily get coffee.
    Payment systems: ePay, OAuth 2.0 Ksoap2

Project Name: Intelizzz

Role: Android Developer

  • Tracking vehicles application with a lot of features that allows users to easily track their vehicles.
    Libraries: Dagger2, ButterKnife, Retrofit2, OkHttp3, RxJava

Project Name: Eclipse

Role: Android Developer

  • Secure chat application that works with and mails. It uses PGP encryption for authentication and cryptographic privacy. The app can use public key servers for mail communications to other systems.
    Encryption : OpenPGP 2.0
    Libraries: Dagger2, ButterKnife, Retrofit2, OkHttp3, RxJava,

Project Name: Muddle

Role: Android Developer

  • Muddle is a gamified, map-based bar discovery app with a lot of filtering features in order to find places you like. Using google map clustering the users can easily navigate through all the venues in the app.
    Libraries: Dagger2, ButterKnife, Retrofit2, OkHttp3, RxJava, google map clustering
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